Medical translations Russian and other languages

Translation agency Lingvorus with offices in Wuppertal and Moscow offers medical translations German - Russian and English - Russian as well as Russian - German and Russian - English.

Our specialisation since 2001 in translations: Pharmacy, medical technology and medical translations. We remain true to this theme.

Medical translations

Thanks to our specialisation in translations for the pharmaceutical industry, medicine and medical technology, we are well-known among doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and numerous private individuals whom we have been able to help with their health problems. Our end customers are mainly located in Russia as well as Belarus, where Russian is the second official language alongside Belarusian.

Our translators are doctors

Medical translations in our translation agency are not carried out by translators, as is the case in most other specialist areas, but by doctors with an excellent knowledge of German and English. Our experience shows that this is the only way to achieve good specialist translations in the medical field, because it is the only way to guarantee the correctness of the specialist language and quality.

Russian translations for the pharmaceutical industry

Russian doctors and pharmaceutical specialists translate for you themselves, with excellent knowledge of English and German - our two most important working languages. No one knows the subject of pharmaceuticals better than they do. Our specialist translators are always at their side as proofreaders. We have become an external translation department for some companies and translate complete projects from German - Russian - English correspondence to invoices and delivery notes.

The core of each project is the following documents: 

Clinical trial data, CP (centralised approval procedure), DP (decentralised approval procedure), drug approvals, drug manufacturing procedures, drug patent applications, drug labelling and packaging, marketing materials, press releases, package inserts, documents for submission to health authorities, test procedures.

Medical translators Russian

All our medical translations are also carried out by specialists with knowledge of English and German. The subject is too complicated for the "normal" translator. Our proofreaders - specialist translators - take care of the linguistic subtleties of the translation.

We translate for you

- clinical studies
- medical reports'
- hospital documents
- medical reports
- patient files
- patient information
- patient guide
- operating instructions
- test and analysis results

Medical Technology for Russia

Who knows medical technology better than the doctors themselves? That is why our translation agency translates technical documentation for medical technology.

In the last two years alone, we have translated, among other things:

Operating manuals and software localisation of the following equipment: computer tomography, radiotherapy, documentation for the central sterile supply department (CSSD), operating manuals ultrasound surgery, high-frequency surgery, anaesthesia equipment, anaesthesia workstations, ventilation equipment, lighting solutions for treatment rooms, magnetic resonance tomography, documentation for the central sterilisation department, documentation for the reprocessing unit for medical devices (AEMP).

Software and formats

We process your documents in all the most important current formats, including technical documentation. This means whether you have your documentation in Word, Ecxel, PowerPoint or in Adobe Framemaker or Adobe InDesign, we translate in all these formats. We have also translated AutoCAD drawings as dwg and dxf files for the construction planning of a clinic, as well as xml files or PDF files, including scanned documents. You always receive your documents in the format of the original.